Culturally Responsive & Participant Driven Programs

Parenting groups

Our parenting groups have a parent component and a child component. The parent component provides social networking opportunities and builds parents’ knowledge and skills around issues identified by parents such as parenting in two cultures, adapting to life in Canada, gender concerns, stress management, poverty, health, nutrition.

The child component supports the development and self-esteem of young children by offering home language and culturally affirming activities such as songs and rhymes in English and the home/heritage language, stories, dances, games, and arts and crafts.

Each parent-child program is unique and activities and topics differ depending on the needs and desires of the parents. MFRS currently supports 15 parent/child and Rhymes That Bind programs in Chinese, Eastern European, Eritrean/Ethiopian, Filipino, French-speaking African, Karen, Oromo, Somali and Sudanese communities. In 2017, there were over 513 parent/child program sessions and celebrations with a total of 16,259 participants (1020 unique families, including 2917 unique participants of all ages). There are many more under-served, new emerging communities waiting for support including Korean, Afghani, Iraqi, Kurdish and the newly arrived Syrian families.

youth groups

After school youth programs

Our youth groups provide youth with after school activities in their community and the opportunity to connect with youth leaders who understand the challenges they face. Youth groups run Monday to Friday from 3:30pm to 9:00pm  and offer a variety of recreational activities (e.g., sports, arts, music), homework support, leadership, collective kitchen, life skills training, and mentorship activities. The program also offers activities that build cultural identity and self-esteem and help reduce the social isolation. in 2016, an average of 20-25 youth attended our after school programs each day.

Girls' Program

This program provides a space for immigrant and refugee girls to explore and express their identity through creative forms of expression to reveal their hopes and dreams as they grow up. The Girls' Program is currently working on a #Canada150 photography and storytelling project. 


Breaking the Silence in Ethnocultural communities is a new project to address sexual health and violence among immigrant and refugee communities. The goal of the program is to increase the capacity of our frontline staff to address these issues in the communities they serve by increasing comfort and knowledge of sexual health and violence topics among Brokers as well as bringing the culturally sensitive expertise of the Brokers to enrich and inform the mainstream sexual health and violence expertise.

english for community integration

MFRS offers language classes that support newcomer women with young children in navigating everyday life spaces. Many newcomer women cannot access language classes due to child care, finances, and ineligibility for language programs due to status. This is the only  English as an Additional Language class in Edmonton that includes children in the classroom with a focus on community integration.

family settlement & integration

Our Arabic & Kurdish speaking Satellite Support office.


Donation supported Pay it Forward Emergency Support Fund to assist newcomer families in crisis during the settlement process. 

Emergency Support funds