A gift in Tribute, Honour, Celebration or Memory is a meaningful way to celebrate the special people and events in your life.

We are happy to assist in setting up a memorial fund or provide support material for tribute gifts of any kind.  Should you simply require a write up, the sample below may be a guide:

In honour and celebration of this special event, we encourage gifts that pay forward the good fortune we are so grateful to have. In lieu of presents, we ask that you consider a donation to the Multicultural Family Resource Society which supports refugee families to address the many barriers that they experience in the settlement process so they can confidently create a foundation for themselves that will enable their children to thrive.

Raise awareness of your intercultural values with your employees, the marketplace and the community at large. Whether you would like to sponsor a program, engage in a fundraising campaign or designate your annual corporate gift to MFRS, we would love to discuss alignments with your philanthropic goals.

United Way contributions can be designated to MFRS. For employee matching programs, MFRS charitable tax # is 82432 7472 RR0001.

WORkplace giving

Donate a car

Donate a Car makes it easy to turn your unwanted vehicle into real support for MFRS. For more info or to register visit our Donate a Car page here.

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a legacy gift to MFRS is a great way to honour your lifetime values. For more information on the importance of legacy giving and some valuable information on how to do so visit leavealegacy.caLEAVE A LEGACY™ is a donor-oriented education campaign to raise awareness of the importance of including a charitable gift in the estate planning process. LEAVE A LEGACY™ is a program of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners.


When you write your will, you can make a bequest in the form of cash or property by including Multicultural Family Resource Society as a beneficiary. You may also make a residual bequest to MFRS; a residual bequest is a gift of all or a fraction of whatever remains after all debts, taxes, expenses and other bequests are paid. Here is an example of what you can write:

“I give to Multicultural Family Resource Society, currently located at 9538-107 Ave., Edmonton, AB, T5H 0T7 the sum of $_______ (or ________% of my estate) to be used in support of its general charitable purposes.”


You can name MFRS as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. A gift of life insurance is separate from your estate and has no effect on its assets. Please consult a financial advisor or lawyer for more information.


If you own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds shares that are traded on certain stock exchanges, you can donate them to MFRS. The impact on your taxes is substantial. Please consult a financial advisor for more information on how to go about making this kind of donation.


You may also give a gift of RSP or RIF funds by naming your estate as the beneficiary and then providing an equivalent bequest to MFRS.