Breaking the Silence program receives provincial funding

Breaking the Silence in ethnocultural communities is a MFRS project to address sexual health and violence among immigrant and refugee communities. It is one of several innovative cultural brokering programs of MFRS  and its collaborative sister organization, the MCHB.

Addressing sexual health and violence is challenging in all populations but in ethnocultural communities, there are added layers of complexity and cultural sensitivity required. Breaking the Silence focuses on increasing knowledge and comfort of frontline staff by leveraging the the expertise of cultural brokers uniquely experienced in promoting healthy family life  in all aspects of living in a new country and environment.

On Tuesday August 8, Minister Zabir announced that Breaking the Silence was one of the projects to receive funding via the Family and Community Safety Program. Noted at the media event was the empirical evidence that demonstrates that preventative support has a 3:1 return on investment and that culturally appropriate programs such as Breaking the Silence are required.