Summer Youth Team Motivated to Pay it Forward

Students will Support Intercultural Programs & Field Trips That Offer Opportunity for Newcomers to Connect

Thanks to the Canada Summer Jobs program, we have hired 7 talented summer students to support MFRS and MCHB programs including our parenting and children groups, youth groups, girls’ program, and ESL classes. What is most impressive about this team is their passion to make a difference. During the interview process, they were asked why they wanted to work for MFRS, and all of them shared the concept of ‘Paying it Forward’ to give back to the MFRS community.   

The team will support an exciting summer of special programming and field trips that offer our newcomer families and youth the opportunity to connect with the amazing festivals and celebrations in Edmonton.  

Our Summer Youth Team

Isis tse: Program Assistant


The recent shifts in the political climate in the United States have raised doubts among newcomers whether we Canadians have negative sentiments regarding immigration and refugees in our country. Unfortunately, hate crimes and incidents of blatant racism targeting minority ethnic groups are on the rise, particularly in Alberta. Given these circumstances, it is more crucial than ever that we provide welcoming spaces for newcomers and strengthen our intercultural alliances. 

I was motivated to become a part of MFRS because it provides a safe space for a diverse group of cultures to come together. Our diversity allows us to come to a mutual understanding of what it means to be a newcomer and address challenges of integration. As a first generation immigrant, I am grateful to be working for an organization that supports immigrant and refugee families to thrive.

Isis is a law student at the University of Alberta and the Co-President of the club Law Students for Inclusion and Diversity.

Arsema SISAY: Summer Youth Leader

Arsema decided to join MFRS because she is passionate about making the lives of immigrants easier. As an immigrant herself, she wanted to see if there was anything she could do to play a part in this. This summer, she is excited to work with people of the wide range of cultures that MFRS supports. Through her participation in the Girls' Program this year she has found that working with MFRS has been a great learning experience. The girls in the program have noted a difference in their lives in terms in terms of their social interactions and self-esteem. As a youth leader, she hopes to be open and accepting so that she can support our participant-driven programs, as well as to help people going through physical and emotional trauma to the best of her ability. She is excited to see what the MFRS family can teach and learn from each other, especially given the diversity of our community.

Fana tesfay: Summer Youth Leader


As an immigrant, Fana has experienced firsthand the difficulty of adjusting to a new country. This experience made her appreciate, and want to be a part of, the efforts of MFRS to make the transition easier for immigrants and refugees. As a volunteer with the Girls' Program, Fana has seen the positive impact the program has had on the girls and found it incredibly rewarding. The program has helped the girls gain confidence and self-esteem, improve their English, and make new friends. She wanted to be a youth leader this summer to continue making a difference in the lives of newcomers. In the future, she hopes to become a nurse and will be beginning her studies in the fall.

Joyce pita: Junior Program Assistant


Joyce heard about MFRS from her uncle and was excited to become part of the MFRS family. In the future, she hopes to become a social worker, and her experience as a youth leader this summer will give her invaluable experience and allow her to meet and help people from many backgrounds. Joyce can't wait to start work this summer - her goal is to help at least one person in her community and inspire other youth to get involved.

Vivian Namayanja : Junior Program Assistant


Vivian decided to get involved with MFRS because she loves being in an intercultural community with diversity, which allows her to learn about new cultures and address problems we are facing as a community. In the future, she hopes to become a doctor so she can help people and fix their lives in some way. As a youth leader with MFRS this summer, she hopes to be a positive influence on the people who take part in the summer program, and make their experience as great as possible. She is excited to meet new people from diverse cultures who will undoubtedly become lifelong friends.


Ahmad Sawan: Summer Youth Leader


Ahmad brings enthusiasm for community involvement and experience as a youth leader with the local Syrian community to MFRS.





Amjad Al Bida: Summer youth Leader


Amjad is an active member of the local Syrian community and is excited to use his interpersonal skills as a youth leader with MFRS this summer.