800 Participants in Multicultural Celebration


Each year MFRS hosts a celebration for participants of the 10+ ethnocultural parent/child programs. The event offers the opportunity for participants to interact positively with other cultures through crafts, games, literacy activities, and cultural performances.


In 2016, the celebration was attended by approximately 500 people representing over 20 languages, in 2017 attendance was approximately 800!

 This event builds a sense of community across cultural groups by shining a light on the strengths and presence of other cultures. Many youth volunteer developing experience and leadership skills. 

“The event was a perfect ad of what a positive, vibrant intercultural community can look like”
— first time attendee

MFRS Ethno-cultural Parent/Child programs are designed by and for immigrant and refugee families.  Generally they are between 2 to 4 hours, weekly, biweekly or monthly at different locations.  They are parent-centred, and conducted in parents’ first language.  

Components of the programs include: stories, songs, rhymes, dances, games, healthy refreshments, presentations and discussions, community resource announcements, network and relationship building, cultural celebrations, special events and summer field trips, etc.  

Program activities and topics are determined based on the needs of participants.  

Benefits of the program include early literacy, bonding and attachment, parenting knowledge and strategies, children fine and motor skills development, keeping heritage language and learning English through activities, network expansion, reduction of isolation and mental health prevention.


Thank you to Servus Credit Union and James H. Brown for contributing financially to the celebration.

We welcome your support: Please contact us if you would like to contribute to this annual positive community building intercultural event.