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Pay it Forward: Give support when critically needed

Moving and starting life in a new place presents so many challenges. Imagine how those challenges are compounded by the realities of a refugee arriving from harrowing situations, separated from family, community, immersed in a foreign language and a foreign culture. Imagine further, arriving with dependent vulnerable youth, children or elders with complex additional needs.

If ever a time for a community of support, surely this transition is one of them.

A recurring gift of just $10/month could help a newcomer family establish housing security enabling hope of a better new life.

While the community of cultural brokers and programs of Multicultural Family Resource Society are there to support families during this vulnerable time of transition, situations that require emergency funds understandably arise. Often, emergency funds are requested to cover a first month’s rent for a family in critical transition.

The MFRS Emergency Fund is supported entirely by community donations. 

Read a story of one family who were able to move forward thanks to the availability of the Emergency Support Fund.

... many newcomer families struggle during the settlement process. We see an increasing number of families needing to access the Emergency Fund as a result of unemployment, changes in family relationships, immigration status, and deep levels of poverty.
The Pay if Forward Emergency Support Fund provides hope for families experiencing deep financial crisis that could otherwise lead to homelessness, food insecurity, or medical complications when they cannot afford medication.
But, this fund is limited as it is solely based on donations. ... when it runs out, we will be unable to support families in crisis.
— Winnie Chow-Horn, MFRS Executive Director


Paying it Forward:

All families who access the funds agree to pay it forward by contributing back when they are able. 



Emergency Support Fund Helps Families in Crisis

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