Be a Champion of Intercultural Community Support

one of the most powerful ways to support MFRS and our holistic programs is to fundraise


Start your own fundraising campaign to support MFRS

You and your group (workplace, faith group, social justice club...) decide on the fundraising method that works for you (collection, bake sale, challenge like a hike or run, event...whatever) and we can support with donation forms (print) or online fundraising page and photos and materials. Please let us know what you are thinking so we know how to support you.

Birthdays, Weddings & other special events

Gifts that Pay it Forward are often a more meaningful way to honour a special event - even for children! We so appreciate the honour of being the recipient of such designations. Download our Third Party Event Guide (below) to assist you in your fundraising  or, if you just need some text to share with guests, here is a sample: 

In honour and celebration of this special event, we encourage gifts that pay forward the good fortune we are so grateful to have. In lieu of presents, we ask that you consider a donation to the Multicultural Family Resource Society which supports refugee families to address the many barriers that they experience in the settlement process so they can confidently create a foundation for themselves that will enable their children to thrive.